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Behind every photograph you see, I can tell you the story of that day, that moment. Each photo is a keepsake. Either the image will allow the viewer to relate, or perhaps the photo and my description will not uncover the purpose and motivation of that day. Either way, the image remains as a tiny piece of my life that I, myself, chose to cherish.
My objective is at least to give you a visual into the inspiration behind each image you will see.

One of the many reasons why I adore photography. I don't just snap pictures, edit them and then slap them up on my web pages. I photograph people I care about, places that exhilarate me and moments that I want to capture and admire each time I come across it.

Below each photo, there is a description of that day, and the reasoning behind the existence of the image. You may see some of these already in other albums, or they might be displayed for the first time here.

I hope you enjoy.
Reflecting 30A Self PortraitOhio SomewhereOhio, too.UntitledI Know Why They Call It FallDancing SeagullWawayanda Winter Walk